Maxou Mobile

Jean-Paul and Judi Famin cannot be held liable for any accidents occurring during the construction or the use of the Maxou Mobile.  The instructions for the Maxou Mobile and/or any Maxou Mobiles made by individuals are not to be sold for profit. Although we encourage free distribution.

While building the Maxou Mobile, please use extreme caution with all tools and practice the usual safety procedures and equipment necessary when using drills, soldering irons, saws, etc.  (safety glasses, gloves, sturdy shoes, etc.) 

While your child is using the Maxou Mobile, DO NOT LEAVE HIM OR HER UNATTENDED.  Take care to move dangerous objects out of the child’s reach and block off stairs and other potential hazards.

 Mommy Words of Caution
Getting Started
Motor & Wheels
Electrical Circuit


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