Maxou Mobile: Mommy words of caution.

CHILDPROOF your home before testing the Maxou Mobile.  Why?  Because the first things Max did were to explore the kitchen (hot oven door), to check out the glass doors to the buffet (he can open them or break them), to try to get under his crib and toy shelves (ramming his feet up under the railing), to pull all the dishcloths off a low shelf, and to try to get out the back door!  All this came as a bit of a surprise for me, as Max is our first and only child and we have never had to childproof!  Please get down to your child’s level and check that furniture edges, plugs, plants, breakable or dangerous items and anything you treasure dearly are OUT OF REACH.  One thing I noticed is that since the Maxou Mobile is very low-lying, when Max ran into a 4-legged dining room chair, the chair had a tendency to tip over toward him- - very dangerous!  It goes without saying that for many of us, the mischief our SMA kid will get into will be a joy, but please be careful “on the road”!

Independent mobility is new for some of our kids, so don’t be surprised by your emotions—I considered Max’s first “drive” as his first steps and was a little shocked not only at how happy and proud of him I was, but also at how hard it suddenly hit home that he was, and will remain, chair-bound (I hate the words “confined” and “bound”, but can’t find others).  However, the sheer joy and mile-wide smile on Max’s face soon erased those feelings.

Please don’t expect your child to “get it” right away, especially if you have younger kids.  Max played around with the joystick for a couple of days, not really understanding that he was controlling his movement and not looking AT ALL where he was going (I think he gets that from me…)!  Whenever he was obviously frustrated because the MM wasn’t moving, we would move it for him or take him out of it—no reason to turn it into a bad experience.  It has now been a week and although he can’t always turn or back up like a pro, he does seem to understand that he controls the MM and makes a deliberate effort to go toward whatever catches his eye.

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