Morgan's Brothers!

Hi, my name is Zeke. This web site is about my baby sister. I wish that Morgan did not have this web site, because then she would not have SMA. But she does, so I guess I am glad that this web site is here. When my mom told me that Morgan had SMA, I was sad, but my mom was too, so I told her that it would be okay because Morgan could get a “hover-around” wheelchair. I have learned a lot about SMA, and I want to become a researcher so that I can find a cure. Really, I hope that the cure is found a lot sooner than I would be able to find one. My mom says that I was a lot like Morgan, quiet and sweet. Morgan is the sweetest little girl I have ever meet. She is very girlie, she likes jewelry, and loves diamonds! When she cries it just breaks my heart, she gets the biggest tears in her eyes, and this “boo-boo lip” that is so sad. She doesn’t cry very much, luckily. I want her to be happy all the time. I will always be here to make her laugh when she is sad. My little brother, Clayton likes her too. He always gives her a kiss good night. They have fun together, when one of them starts laughing, the other one will start, then I start laughing with them, then our whole family is laughing and no one really knows why. Thank you for visiting my baby sister’s web site!


Clayton and me in the Caymans


Zeke, Clayton, and me (in Mommy's tummy)


I love to touch Zeke's mouth!


And I love to hear Clayton's Mouth!


I love my big brothers!


They are so much fun!