Casey's Poem by Coach Brennan

We had a fundraiser in 2003.  Coach Brennan, at the time, was the coach for the boys University of Vermont's basketball team.  He also was a co-host of a local, popular morning radio show.  He's well-known for his poem writing (not that he's great, but he comes up with meaningful or funny poems that he'd read on the air (LOL!).  He was one of the hosts of our fundraiser.

Well, I met an angel yesterday, his name is Casey O'Neill  

  He's a handsome, happy three year old, who didn't get a great deal.


He was diagnosed with SMA when he was just a pup

So we got together to raise some money and keep his spirits up.


The toughness that our boy displays is just wonderful to see

And his heart is just as big as a lion, I'll tell you he could play for me


We look at Casey and wonder why he got the short shrift

But his parents know that from Heaven above, they had received a wonderful gift


And special thanks to Bobby Kelley, who put this thing together

And to the 150 who came to Jake's despite the miserable weather


We were able to raise lots of money to fight this terrible disease

And along with Casey, we'll keep fighting to bring it to its knees


To parents, Susan and Eugene, you're an inspiration to us all

Your love and devotion to your wonderful son makes you stand so tall


We're going to find a cure for this, I can tell you that

And, hopefully, in a few short years, we'll see our Casey up at bat


And we all know the poem, what that is all about

And we know our mighty Casey and that he'll never strike out. 


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