Camp Inspiration!   June 14-June 19, 2005

Double "H" Hole in the Wall Camp, Lake Luzerne, N.Y.

(These are from my digital camera)

campinspiration050001.jpg (100811 bytes)

Getting to know the counselors.

campinspiration050002.jpg (84769 bytes)

Casey checking everything out!

campinspiration050003.jpg (102066 bytes)

Racing the cars that the kids built

campinspiration050007.jpg (87916 bytes)

Arts & crafts is fun!

campinspiration050009.jpg (85442 bytes)

Colin decorated a Camp Inspiration T-shirt

campinspiration050012.jpg (82876 bytes)

New Pot-bellied pigs at the Happy Barn

campinspiration050011.jpg (64261 bytes)

Casey, Colin and Nurse Heidi getting ready for rest-time

campinspiration050013.jpg (84947 bytes)

Casey and Jules get into petting the bunny.

campinspiration050014.jpg (86720 bytes)

We named him Johnny Damon

campinspiration050015.jpg (68606 bytes)

How sweet!

campinspiration050016.jpg (87285 bytes)

Colin enjoyed the little pets, too

campinspiration050017.jpg (99207 bytes)

The goats were cool!




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