Camp Inspiration!   June 14-June 19, 2005

Double "H" Hole in the Wall Camp, Lake Luzerne, N.Y.

Part 2

(These are from my digital camera)

campinspiration050018.jpg (106976 bytes)

Even though it was raining on and off we had tons of fun at the Happy Barn!

campinspiration050019.jpg (102251 bytes)


campinspiration050020.jpg (90749 bytes) campinspiration050021.jpg (83127 bytes)
campinspiration050022.jpg (81009 bytes)

The guinea pig is fun to pet!

campinspiration050024.jpg (110124 bytes)

Casey and Hope check out the little bunny

campinspiration050023.jpg (89952 bytes)

Casey enjoyed holding this bunny, too.

campinspiration050025.jpg (78939 bytes)

I think Casey really likes Johnny Damon

campinspiration050027.jpg (113126 bytes)

We liked the guinea pigs, too!

campinspiration050028.jpg (101452 bytes)

I think this is when the guinea pig pooped on Colin!

campinspiration050029.jpg (114168 bytes)

Our new buddy, Jonathan

campinspiration050031.jpg (113730 bytes)

Our buddy from last year, Matt




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