January 2007

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Just some miscellaneous and Aunt Chris's Birthday

Sasha_in_snow_through_door.jpg (365798 bytes)

Sasha begging to come in!

AC_and_Casey_reading_holding1.jpg (214505 bytes)

Casey and AC reading and bonding

100_0003.jpg (278256 bytes)

Our 'Squashie"

100_0007.jpg (265534 bytes)

Colin and his beloved monkey

Colin_on_bap.jpg (243382 bytes)

Colin on his b'ap!

 ACs_birthday_flowers.jpg (329345 bytes)


AC_and_flowers.jpg (195989 bytes)

AC and her birthday flowers from Mom and Dad

Colin_hair_cut_caseys_chair2.jpg (122447 bytes)

Hanging out in Casey's chair with his handsome haircut--oh yeah, and his monkey...

Ac_birthday_cake.jpg (177689 bytes)

This is the special orange/apricot torte that I made for AC's birthday

AC_birthday_cure_sma_purse.jpg (126748 bytes)

Beautiful handmade purse by Beth Lockwood

cute_colin_on_ac_birthday.jpg (207829 bytes)

Cute Colin on AC's birthday

AC_birthday_1.jpg (231894 bytes)

We're ready to help put out the candles!    Hurry up, Aunt Chris!

AC_birthday_wow_a_book.jpg (129384 bytes)

How nice, a book on aging!




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