Family Photos

November 2005

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eggbrahamlincoln0002.jpg (135402 bytes)

Casey is proud of his 'Egg-Braham Lincoln' boat

sillouette0001.jpg (91212 bytes)

One of the moms did this in the entry way of the Elementary school


sillouette0002.jpg (81982 bytes)

Casey in his power chair!

preschoolnov160001.jpg (162454 bytes)


preschoolnov160003.jpg (166373 bytes)

Colin had a great visit to the preschool classroom

preschoolnov160006.jpg (153672 bytes)

Colin found his inner artist!

preschoolnov160007.jpg (125090 bytes)

Yes, he loves to play with the baby dolls

preschoolnov160009.jpg (174842 bytes)

Makayla is a good friend


preschoolnov160012.jpg (139530 bytes)

Colin wrote in his journal with Angela



Jesse_Jr0001.jpg (249592 bytes)

Jesse Jr. at FAHC with his B4SMA from MJ

Jesse_Jr0003.jpg (121039 bytes)

I'll always remember holding his little hand.



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