Family Photos

October 2005

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Julieandcaseyswingingonherbirthday0001.jpg (163025 bytes)

Julie and Casey swinging on her birthday

hatsfromjulia0004.jpg (149299 bytes)

Aunt Julia made the boys these hats!


hatsfromjulia0010.jpg (119127 bytes)

At first, Colin wasn't sure if he liked it...

hatsfromjulia0012.jpg (112326 bytes)

...and then he decided that he did like it!

hatsfromjulia0011.jpg (125932 bytes)

Casey thinks it's a pretty cool hat

carvingpumpkins050001.jpg (121581 bytes)

Casey liked to feel the pumpkin insides

carvingpumpkins050010.jpg (109574 bytes)

Wallace and Grommet pumpkin!

carvingpumpkins050011.jpg (122603 bytes)


carvingpumpkins050006.jpg (126274 bytes)

And our Mr. Potato Head pumpkin

buzzandharleydude050004_edited.jpg (89721 bytes)

Buzz Lightyear and Harley Biker dude

TalleyOctoberbookpresentations0002.jpg (156928 bytes)

Casey did NOT want me to have his picture taken (October book projects)

group.jpg (116453 bytes)

The whole gang at Aunt Chris's

halloween.jpg (107020 bytes)\

Casey's ready to go Trick or Treating!

halloween200.jpg (195627 bytes)

Some of the loot!

halloween20.jpg (141247 bytes)



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