What Casey Likes...

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I am 10-years-old.  These are some of my favorite things.  Maybe you could e-mail me and tell me some of your favorite things!

I am 10!!

August 2007: I started 5th Grade.  I am on the Einstein Team.  My homeroom teacher is Ms. Johnson.  We team up a lot with Mrs. TC.  We also team with Ms. Marsh and Ms. Reen.  This year we are upstairs.  It's a whole different world up there.  I like it a lot.  I also have my own "office".  

(I am in 4th Grade; 2006-2007.  This year I am in Mrs. Talley's  class.  We are on a team of 3rd and 4th graders.    I MOSTLY like school.  Sometimes people don't understand what I want or need and I get frustrated and "yell". )

  I also like:

  PLAYING the COMPUTER!!  I could play 24/7.  I like when I come home from school and my Aunt Chris, or my nurse, or Mom plays computer with me and Colin.

star5.gif (1169 bytes)  Driving my POWER chair at school

star5.gif (1169 bytes)  Watching baseball.  I've been a Red Sox fan and a fan of Johnny Damon's.  I still like Johnny Damon even though he got traded to the Yankees.  I don't really have a favorite Red Sox player anymore.

star5.gif (1169 bytes)  Ice hockey and skating

star5.gif (1169 bytes)  Going to the movies

star5.gif (1169 bytes)  Going BOWLing!

star5.gif (1169 bytes)  Monster trucks (I have some cool videos!)

star5.gif (1169 bytes)  Spinning in my wheelchair

star5.gif (1169 bytes)Cruising up and down the driveway in my wheelchair, really fast!

star5.gif (1169 bytes)  Taking tub baths every Saturday night and playing with EVERY single tub toy that I have and listening to the radio blasting while I play!

star5.gif (1169 bytes)  Swinging on our Sky chair


star6.gif (1107 bytes)  Sponge Bob SquarePants ROCKS!

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I like lots of different music, oldies, pop, Gospel and rock.  I am into Hannah Montana right now.


I love books!  I still like silly books.  And I really am into chapter books.  AND I am really into joke books.  I have quite a collection of them.  I LOVE books about the Presidents of the United States.  I've always had a fascination of the presidents.

I LOVE books on tape and CD!  I love Harry Potter still and I like The Magic Tree House and also the Psycho Butts series by Andy Griffiths.  I have been listening to Roald Dahl books on CD, too.


I love to play board games.  We love:

Shrek Monopoly Jr, Shrek 2, Trouble, SpongeBob,  Mouse Trap, Nutty Elephant, 

I even like to play Don't Break the Ice and Candy Land because it makes Colin happy


Things I'm not crazy about...

The sun in my eyes

I don't like when people ask me too many questions, especially dumb ones!

I don't like having Mommy take my picture

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