What Colin Likes...

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2-Years-old now!

Being near Mommy and Daddy still makes me very happy and feel safe.

I especially love my Daddy because he comes home after being at work and lets me pull his hair!

Sesame Street every morning

Mr. Rogers voice makes my heart rate slow down


listening to my Fisher Price tape recorder

using my arm sling to play with toys and do art projects

babbling:  I can say some words like:  Da, Ma, uh-huh, moo, boo, ruff, whoooooo (wolf), bye, hi, bra (brother), book (kind of)

making people laugh

blowing kisses

making MEAN faces (I usually end up smiling because people laugh so hard at me)

Of course, I still like most everything else, too!

brushing my teeth with my squiggle brush

oh, I like my pink toothettes, too

I tolerate Sasha!!

playing "timber with my blocks"

books, books, books, especially sound story books, pop-up books and lift-the-flap books

laying on my belly

playing on the computer with my mom


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