My School Projects

School Trip

Don't run me over

At the New Britain Fire House

How can I get up there

These fireman are strong

Who is going to lift me up there?

Can you guess what I'm painting

What about this pink one

Any ideas?

Hmmm, do you need a hint

Want to try to guess now?

I love to paint with Carol

Painting Magenta

Painting with Sarah

Painting with Carol

Painting Sea Shells

Playing my favorite Instrument

Music time with Sarah

Who will I be today?

Clown Valentine made me SpiderMan

Aren't I scary

Posing with my favorite clown

Now I am a cat

Aren't I cute...

Now what shall I be...almost done

All done

I'm the sheriff with my little brother Brian

My Blue's Clues Project

Doing school work

Using my computer

Thanks for helping me ladies!