Age Four Photos
My 4th Birthday


Happy 4th Birthday to me

Debbie, Mami, Blue
(and Brian in moms belly)

All dressed up to celebrate

I'm ready to party

I am the birthday boy

Bring on the fun

Sitting with Dad

Look at my cake

It's a Blue's Party

Let's start

Who is going to help me cut the cake

Are you going to help?


It's okay, it is my buddy Blue

Everyone Loves Blue

Hey Blue

Blue is patting dad's head

Blue says, "Go Giants!"


Lil Justin Timberlake

Me, Mami, & Papi (and Blue, of course)

Me, Sarah, & Carol (TR)

My #1 Nurse, Cindy

My Auntie & Cousin

My Buddy Joel

My CNA Diana

My Daddy

My Girlfriend Debbie
(Shhh, don't tell anyone)

My TR Therapist, Sarah

Nurse Kelly

That's Blue

That's me, I'm 4

I love Blue

Look at all my gifts


New clothes


Anyone want to go fishing?

Who put these bows on my forehead?

Go Diego Go

I remember...



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