Age Four Photos
Happy Halloween

Batman meets Bedtime Bear

Hugging Bedtime Bear

Don't worry, Batman is here

Ana and I hanging out

Saying hi to mom

Hi guys, where is the candy? They are student nurses and I'm teaching them.

Trick or Treat

Such a cute Batman, don't you think?

Everyone loves Batman
including Nadine

No, hugs are for Batman,
not for bears Cindy.

Big hugs from Sarah

Kisses for her hero, Batman

Wait, that was a kiss and go....

Awww, another kiss for me

Thoroughly kissed...I'm in love

Hey penguin Carol, aren't you supposed
 to be my arch enemy?

Leanne, my RT and I are all dressed up

My favorite time...snuggle time with
my favorite nurse, Cindy

Mommy, Brian and I

Look at our pumpkins

Brotherly love!!!

Abuela and Ben

Flava Flave & Yesi

Brian, Mom, and Dad

Mom and Brian


Kisses from Brian, Bedtime Bear

Marilyn, Mom, & Yesi

Abuela and Mom

Mom and Caleb

Mom and Dad

Mom and Kelvin

Mom and Michael

Tego Calderon and Lisa

Telling mommy how to color my baby pumpkin

Brian likes the pumpkin

Can we put Brian in the pumpkin?

My giant pumpkin

Painting my face

Valentine, you are tickling my nose...

Aren't I cute!

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