My Medical Equipment:


There are several machines that I use every day that help me stay as healthy as possible. I wanted to tell you about them. Because of my disease, my muscles are too weak to have a very effective cough. So, my mom and dad use a machine called an In-Exsufflator to help me. It's a big heavy machine with a hose and mask attached to it. The mask fits over my mouth and nose and then mommy turns it on and it helps me take a deep breath in and then it sucks it right back out; helping me cough. I think it sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I like it alot. Especially when I'm not feeling well.

The next machine is a BiPAP. This is a machine that I've had a very LONG time. I think I started using it when I was only 3 years old. It is sort of shaped like my In-Exsufflator. It has a mask too. The mask fits over my nose and I wear it to bed every night. It helps to give my lungs the extra push they need to make sure that I'm taking nice full breaths while I sleep. I don't usually go to sleep without it.

Every night, my mom and dad hook up my Oximeter. There is a cord that has some neat tape on the end of it that fits around one of my big toes. This machine tells my parents how my heart and oxygen are doing. It will make a loud alarm sound if my oxygen dips too low or my heart rate goes too high. It's a nice machine to have but the alarms kind of bug me sometimes.

I also have a feeding pump that I use every night. My mom makes me this yucky smelling formula that I get every night through my G-tube. I'm glad it goes into my feeding tube so I don't have to taste it. YUCK! It has lots of good vitamins that help me to be strong.

Another machine that I use every night is my Nebulizer. This is a machine that also has a mask. I wear the mask over my nose and mouth and it gives me medicine to breathe in. This really helps to keep my lungs nice and healthy and my airways clear.

One of my favorite machines is my suction machine. I mostly use this when I am really sick. It helps me clear out my nose or mouth if I have a cold. I can't blow my nose very well so this machine is really helpful. My mommy and daddy let me do it myself now that I am a little older. I like to put the suction wand in cups of water. It's fun to see it suck up all that water and it cleans it out real good too!

Okay, last but not least....the Vest. This helps me when I'm sick with pneumonia or a really bad cold. I get to put on this really cool vest and it has two hoses that hook into this really big machine. Then my mommy or daddy turn it on and it shakes me all over! At first, this machine kind of scared me. But, I'm getting more used to it now. It really helps to shake loose any yucky stuff that is clinging to my lungs.

Well, that's all of my machines. They really help to keep me nice and healthy. I'm glad I have them!