My little hero

One day in March there was a new member in our family
but we soon knew that he was different from you and me.
For he can't walk or run or crawl
he lacks the strength to even grasp or throw a ball.
But even though these things he cannot do
he's the most content and happy boy you ever knew.
He has won the hearts of many who know him
and is always there flashing his adorable grin.
Even through endless treatments, needle pokes and hospital stays
he knows that his life will somehow be okay.
He wakes each morning with a great big smile
and calls for his mommy or daddy to help him out of bed after being there a long while.
His days may be shorter than yours or mine here
but that's not enough to get him to shed a tear.
He's the bravest little boy I know.
He's my sunshine and my brave little hero.

Written on May 29th 2002
 By: Lora Berhar