My Story



On October 18, 2004, God answered our prayers and blessed us with a perfect, beautiful baby girl.  Sydney’s birthmother was gracious enough to let us share in her birth, and we joyously brought her home from the hospital. 

Seven months later and one week before the adoption was finalized, our joy turned to despair when we learned Sydney had Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  We were told she would likely not see her 2nd birthday, and that her time on earth would not have much quality.

Well, today Sydney is a happy three year old we can only describe as “full of life”   She loves to play, and tease and try everything.  She works so hard at everything she does.

Although you may not see our life as “normal”, it has become “normal” for us.  We move at a slower pace, lug equipment with us everywhere we go, and never wander too far from our cough assist machine, but we are enjoying life.

Please pray for a cure for SMA.  We serve a big God, and we believe nothing is impossible for Him.