Age 7 Pictures
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Panda, the therapy dog

Museum of Natural History in Utah

My hot pink casts

Standing tall

Miracle League opening day. Pretty sad when you need to use the sleeping bag on June 9 because it's so freaking cold.

Ahhh geez, it's the wood chipper, don't ya know.

We went to the 2012 Families of SMA Conference, in Minneapolis, MN.
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It's not completely done yet, but Mom has been redecorating my bedroom. We got rid of the carpet and had vinyl floor put in (which Mom loves!) so I can roll better around the house. Of course, the room then needed to be redone.

Picket fence headboard.

Mom made the bed too high, originally, so she took the opportunity to cut some off

Between wall studs storage for dolls.

Butterflies everywhere now!

My everyone knows that it is MY bed