Our Little Angel

Our little angel, our little girl.
You came to us and changed our world.
You came to us as a surprise,
With your baby blonde hair and your big blue eyes.

We loved you more and more every day;
Our “Teeny Tiny One”, our  “Special K.”
You cooed, you smiled, you laughed, you sang.
You’d bat at all the toys we would hang.

These things you did, we thought were so great,
Especially when we considered your fate.
My  God, we don’t know what we’ll do;
Without our baby girl, without our little you.

We missed you last night in our “big bed”.
We miss your smell and your sweaty little head.
We wonder what you are doing up there.
Are you flying around up in the air?

We miss you, Kourtney, we always will.
This void in our hearts, we’ll never fill.

But we’ll try to remember that it may be for the best.
We’re glad that you’re well and getting to rest.

We’ll picture you walking and standing up tall;
Jumping around having a ball.
Come visit us, “Tuki,” we’ll leave on the light.
We’ll see you in our dreams, each and every night.


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