My Photos!

April 11, 1993 Nicole and Nikea one Easter Sunday before church.  Age four.


Nikea, Tiffany, and Nicole Christmas 1995 in her new power wheel jeep.


Nicole with one her paraprofessionals that she was extremely fond of Tammy Blistein at Nicole’s eight year old birthday party.


Nicole and Nikea a day after their four-year-old birthday



Nicole at home


Nicole over Grandma’s house.


Nicole school picture Kindergarten age four.



Nicole and Nikea taking time out to pose for the camera.


Nicole taking her First Communion at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church May 1999


Nicole posing for the camera after church on Easter Sunday 1999


Nicole and twin sister Nikea (seated next to Nicole) along with cousins Gabby and Regina Easter Sunday 1999.