“A Gift From God”

Nicole, you came and touched my life
With so much joy and love.
I know deep in my heart you were sent
>From God in Heaven above.
I will keep thanking God for blessing
My life with you.
For giving me a chance to understand
Know and love you too.
To know you were to love, to see your
Smile was a joy.
The memories I have inside I will treasure in my
Heart forever more.
Everyone wants to know what happened.
To “my CoCo” they say,
And I just want to simply reply that
The Angles flew you away.
Even though it was only a short time,
That we were together
Ten years or One Hundred years
I wish it could have been forever.
There was no way God could take me,
After having a stroke you see
He had blessed me with one of his Angels,
And I needed to tend to your every need.
You know God knows what is best, he knew
You were getting tired.
He just took you on home, to rest
For a little while.
Sleep my little Angel, your work here on earth
Is done, so get your much needed rest.
Moma loved you so dearly, but “Our God”
Loved you the best.
So keep on smiling my CoCo I know you
Are not alone.
One day CoCo, God will bring Moma

I Love You