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The following are the mementos that we have of Sidney's brief life on this earth.

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Sidney's Birth Information Card

This is a card given to us listing Sidney's name, birth date, and weight and height at birth.



Angel Pin (Black) Angel Pin (white)


This pin was given to us by the hospital. It had 
been donated by another family who had lost a 
daughter at birth.


Sidney's Birth Certificate

This is our copy of Sidney's Birth Certificate


Sidney's Quilt       

This is the quilt that the nurses wrapped Sidney
 in so we could hold him.


Sidney's Poncho

This is a poncho, one of several pieces of clothing that were also given to us, donated to the hospital for just such a need.


Sidney's Outfit he Wore

This is the outfit that Sidney wore after he was born.  If you look closely, you can see a pen on the left side  of the photo. This will help you get an idea how tiny these clothes are-and how tiny Sidney was.


Sidney's Ultrasound 1    

These are two of the ultrasound pictures we have of Sidney. You can click on these and blow them up to a larger size for a better look. 


Sidney's Ultrasound 2

In the photo on the left, if you look closely you can see his arm and hand up by his face...he was sucking his thumb at the time the photo was taken.

Picture of Sidney's Hospital ID Wristband

This is Sidney's hospital wrist/ankle band. It was way too big to put on him.


This is Grandma holding six balloons-one for each of her grandchildren. They each have their name on one balloon, including Devon and Sidney.



Sidney's little casket at the cemetery.


This is Sidney's little coffin, with his Grandparents and Great-Grandma getting ready to release the balloons to the sky.


Our balloons have flown high and far, literally disappearing into the heavens.


This is the grave site where both Devon and Sidney lie together. We love you, boys!!


Here is Sidney's Stone


Sidney's Stone at his 2-year birthday

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