Letter To Will

 This letter was written on Tuesday, November 2, 1999


Dear William:

 Today we heard some really bad news.  You have a rare disease called Werdnig Hoffman.  No one in our families is familiar with this disease; the Doctors say there is nothing anyone can do.  Will, I wish with my whole being I could explain how this could happen to such a beautiful baby boy.  But there are no answers to the “WHY” question; there never has been and there never will be.  

 Will, I want you to know how much you were wanted and how much you are loved.  The sun will never set, a day will never pass where you are not thought of and prayed for.  Your parents are beautiful people inside and out and this will be the hardest challenge life has ever asked of them.   The pain they must feel, I can only imagine.  It is deeper than any ocean, higher than any mountain; their hearts are surely broken.  To get through this pain they will need to know you, their angel is now in the hands God.  They will find comfort in knowing God will hold your dear in his heart.

 Will, your Mom and Dad are so proud of you.  Your big blue eyes, sweet red hair and precious grin brought a smile to all that met you.  They had so much fun with you, and gave us so much pleasure by allowing us to get to know you.

 You had a very special Dr. bring you into the world and we are so thankful for the gift of you in our lives.  You have lots of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents who love you.  In your short stay on earth you got to:

Go to your Aunt Jillypops 40th birthday, and meet your cousin, Thayer,

Your Grandfather Dave and Ann came all the way form California to meet you and the bond was instantly made.  The camcorder and your many planned trips to California would assure you a special place in their lives.

You got to spend time at the Howerton Hilton,

Daddy Keith’s office,

Do lunch with Ruffy,

And be a star at your baptism celebration.  Will, your Godmother is beautiful; she is your Aunt Teri, your Daddy’s sister.  I want you to know her face lights up when she held you, spoke of you or even looked at you, she was your fan.  And your Godfather, your Uncle Joe, his kindness and love will always follow you.

Aunt Joan was an all-star baby sitter and would surely have spoiled you beyond the wildest definition of “being spoiled”. Your Uncle Keith could help toughen you up.

Your mom and Dad took you everywhere walks in the park, the neighborhood and Casey was always there to protect you.  You went to many dinner parties with lots of other neighbors and friends, and for Holloween you were by far the cutest “Cow” Texas has ever seen. 

 Life is difficult.  This is a great truth; to get through we need courage and wisdom, faith and family, discipline and dedication to the truth, friendships and time alone.

 Will, we will miss you so much for so long.  I have never seen my sister, your mother and your father happier.  Will, you are their angel please be by their side now and always.  They will feel you in everything they say and do for years to come.  You were a unique and amazing gift.

 Will I want to share with you my favorite prayer I hope it is a comfort.

 Lord, make be an instrument of your peace
Where is hatred let me show love
Where there is injury pardon
Where there is doubt faith
Where there is despair hope
Where there is darkness light
Where there is sadness joy
O divine master grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console
To be understood as to understand
To be loved as to love
For it is in giving that we receive
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned
It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.



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