We’ve all grown a little older over the past several days.
Grief has gnawed at us like some unrelenting ache.
Sorrow has pierced our souls. 

For one so young to have left us has caught us off guard.
For we were not ready for William’s departure from mortality.
We were not ready for death to take him by the hand and
Lead him into the Great Beyond. 

For we are all too human.
And we are at a loss for words at time such as this.
For the questions of why? Linger in all of our hearts.
What did he do?  What did his parents do? 

And silently we know he did nothing.  They did nothing wrong.
A medical condition beyond anyone’s control has caused this
Untimely death of such a beautiful child. 

And yet we would be remiss, if we didn’t find the words of
Grace to offer Jacque and D.K.  Words that say that we love them.
And we know in our hearts that God loves them too.

 That the God we know and love-grieves also for baby Will.
For it is not God’s nature to revel in death.  But to weep along with us. 

And yet it is in the tears of God that we begin to feel again the love of God
Has for each of us.  Young and old.  Rich or poor, common or uncommon. 

  Red, yellow, black or white-we are all precious in God’s sight.

 And so we ask you special mercies upon William’s family.
For they have endured and suffered greatly.  May your grace
Clothe them and undergird them in this time of their bereavement.

 May our prayers and presence speak to them, nurture them,
Encourage them in the time ahead to know that our love and faith in
Your Son will see them through.

So, God bless little Will, and help his mom and dad to sleep at night
And know that your grace will wipe away their tears and
Joy will lift them on eagle’s wings to touch the morrow
With a new found hope.  Amen.

                                                Mark H. Young.


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