Brianna's Photos Page Two!

Our Family Halloween 2003



Brandon and Brianna hanging out together 11/03



Brianna all smiles as always! 11/03





Brianna's First Christmas!! She found the tree!!! 2003


Brandon and Brianna with our Christmas tree 2003


Brianna's First Christmas morning 2003


Brianna opening some presents Christmas 2003



Daddy and Brianna catching some ZZZ'S 2/04


Brianna's first Easter 4/04


Brianna on her 1st Birthday 5/13/04


Brianna's 1st Birthday party 5/04


Brianna's 1st Birthday mmm this cake is good


Brianna laying around at the aunt Sherrie's pool 5/04


Brandon & Brianna 5/04 He loves his sister!!!


Mommy and Brianna holding a puppy 5/04


Swinging in my swing that I got for my B~day 5/04



Brianna 4/04


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