This is where you can request a blanket! Please know that the only thing we ask in return is a picture of the child with their blanket covering them.
At this time, B4SMA can only send blankets to "children" under the age of 21 years. Thank you for understanding!

Please e-mail the following information to us at, If you do not receive a reply to your request within 14 days, please contact us again via e-mail at

    Your Name:
    Your E-mail Address:
    How You Heard About B4SMA:

    Relationship to Child:
    Child's Name:
    Child's Gender (male or female)

    Child's Age:
    Child's Type of SMA:
    Child's Parent's E-mail Address (if you are not the parent and if applicable):
Child's Postal Mailing Address:
    Child's Phone Number (if outside the United States):
    Child's Favorite Color(s):


We look forward to sending a blanket!