Our Volunteers

We are a small organization with a few very dedicated volunteers. B4SMA would like to take the opportunity to thank some of our volunteers, especially Mrs. Janis H. Janis has dedicated so much time, energy, money, and most of all love to B4SMA. Without her, B4SMA would not be able to continue. Another special volunteer is Mrs. Joann G., Joann has supplied B4SMA with innumerable amounts of fabric. The fabric support Joann has provided is so helpful and irreplaceable. Another wonderful volunteer is Mrs. Inez L. Inez has supported B4SMA in many different ways and her help and support is very much appreciated. See the Hanson Family blankets here.

One of our other extremely dedicated volunteers is Mrs. Nell B. Nell has given so much of her time and donated many blankets in memory of her grandson, Jeffrey. Thanks for making many blankets in memory of Jeffrey.  Jeffrey's blankets is special since Jeffery never did receive a blanket from us.

B4SMA would also like to thank Mrs. Kim S., mom to Charlie and Lily and Emma. Kim has been a huge supporter of B4SMA since the beginning so visit Charlie's blankets.

We would also like to thank Girl Scout Troop 145 for making blankets for B4SMA in memory of Charlie C. Thank you girls, you do great work! Go visit Charlie C's blankets.

We would also like to thank MJ's fairy godmother Kathy.  We gave her son a blanket in our first year.  After Jack passed away, she started sending us blankets to honor her son by making Jack's blankets.

We would like to thank the Waukesha North High School Interact Club for making 5 blankets for B4SMA in honor of Reagan I. Thanks to the Interact club for donating their time and the materials to us! Thanks also to Reagan's grandma for the blankets! Here are the kids that got a special Reagan I blanket.

Special thanks to Baby Clay's family who just sent us Clay's Blankets in his memory.  Thank you so much for helping us out and your pledge to continue to do so.

Special thanks to the O'Neill Family for helping make blankets to send to the kids in honor of Casey and Colin.  Visit Casey and Colin's blankets.

Special thanks to one of our new volunteers, Gloria.  She sent us some beautiful blankets that have made some very happy kids.  Visit Gloria G's blankets.

Special thanks to Mrs. Laura S., mom to Devon, Sidney, and Kaylee, for providing this web space for B4SMA. We would not be able to reach all the families we have without this website.

Special thanks to all the SMA families  and to our special friends and to Eileen and also to My Family who have sent us fabric and beanie babies to keep us going.  Between all the fabric, beanies and money, we are touching the hearts of so many families.

There are so many other people who have offered financial, material, and other support. We would never be able to thank everyone individually, but we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported B4SMA in any way, we would not be able to continue if it weren't for you!

Pictures of Our Volunteers - From Reagan and friends

Princess Reagan hanging out

Some of the Interact Club making blankets for B4SMA

THANK YOU Waukesha North High School Interact Club!