That's Arthur's family above!  Please visit my family

by viewing the pictures below!!!!


Bill, Billy, Lisa outside.jpg (70984 bytes) 

This is me, with my Mommy & Daddy!


My Pictures0003.jpg (49396 bytes)

   Suzy and Lucy, my big kitties, on the chair.


Billy___Mommy.jpg (679774 bytes)

Snugglin' with mom when I was little.  Mommy loves me very much...

and she takes really good care of me!


im000997.jpg (114350 bytes)

My baby cousin.  Oh yeah, and my Uncle Jaimey!


    newbornjustin.jpg (129906 bytes)

Baby Hercules got his flying horse, Pegasus, as a gift when he was born...my cousin, Justin, just got a teddy bear!! 



The first pic is of my dog, Ellie.  She is CRAZY, not like

Arthur's dog, Pal (except when he first came home with Arthur!)!!


My cats, Annie and Nudder.  Yep...they are sisters!


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