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switch doo dah1.jpg (96551 bytes)    swithc doo dah2.jpg (94912 bytes)

This is my switch doo-dah that Mommy made for me.  I use it with my microlight switch.  It holds the switch in place so all I have to do is tap it and "tah-dah" the switch is activated and I can make my toy go!

im002993.jpg (69463 bytes)


Mommy adapted this so I can use it with my microlite switch.   I can play games and make choices with it!

Click here for video of communication clock VS. gearation

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On the left is the Smart Nav camera.  I point my stick at it and it makes the cursor move on the computer screen so I can play games!  See me with my stick?  It has a reflective dot on it that makes the camera read where I am pointing.

I LOVE to make pictures on my computer!


Here are a few of the overlays I use with my clock communicator.  I've really started using this a lot in school.  I love to count things and do my ABCs.  I can even spell my name with my clock.


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