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Billy off pap.jpg (206290 bytes)

Smiling, off my pap!


billys hair resized.jpg (81199 bytes)

Mommy loves my hair!



no shirt resized.jpg (83537 bytes)

Real men wear ducks!

ducky billy resized.jpg (75973 bytes)

They really do!


funny hair 7-1-02.JPG (147609 bytes)

Can you tell Mommy got to me?


 cammo billy.jpg (60789 bytes)

Here I am in my cammos!


short hair!.jpg (61720 bytes)

My FIRST EVER haircut!


using special mouse wand.jpg (74963 bytes)

Playing on the computer with my special mouse.

attitude.jpg (98488 bytes)

I'm cool...totally cool!


patriotic with A&W.jpg (62014 bytes)

Happy 4th of July!!


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