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im001392.jpg (66440 bytes)

Snuggle Buddy.

im002622.jpg (56797 bytes)

Daddy and I love to play Monster trucks!


newbornjustin.jpg (73518 bytes)

My cousin, Justin,

as a newborn.


2004-03-07 Billys 3rd birthday.jpg (63453 bytes)

Billy's 3rd Birthday!

im002604.jpg (53412 bytes)

Ellie...the crazy dog! 

August 2004

pretending to sleep.JPG (769542 bytes)

Pretending to sleep...


fooled you.JPG (762774 bytes)

...Fooled you; I'm awake!


im002674.jpg (57601 bytes)

Daddy found a turtle.  Sept 2004

im002795.jpg (51800 bytes)

Billy as Ord.  Halloween 2004

im002802.jpg (67232 bytes)

Carving pumpkins...Halloween 2004


im002750.jpg (79070 bytes)

Billy & his blanket from


October 2004

im002906.jpg (63492 bytes)

Billy on Turkey Day '04



im002929.jpg (60911 bytes)

Ready for the game.  Nov. 2004





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