My Family 2000 & 2001



Just getting spoiled by daddy


.....and now mommy


Daddy making me laugh


Here is my Great Grandpa Hedrick


Hanging out with Pap on Easter


This is my Great Grandpa & Binga Koehler at their 50th wedding anniversary last year


Me & daddy with a BIG dog


This is my Great Grandpa Buerky


Playing the piano with Nana


Posing in Las Vegas




Cheesin' with mommy at Christmas


Playing outside with Daddy


Uncle David & Bobby at Christmas


Painting with Pap


Sittin' in my cousin Amber's lap


Driving a race car with Nana


At the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay in Vegas with Mom, Dad, Uncle Chuck & Aunt Kris



Me and my mommy


Here is my Nana & Pap


Me and my Noni


Here I am with my Great Grandpa Buerky


Here I am with my little cousin Bobby, Aren't we cute?


Goofin' off with Pap & Nana


Here I am with my cousin Amber, Diane, & Fuzzy


Here's my Uncle Chuck & Aunt Kris- they live in Las Vegas


My Great Uncle Jay & Aunt Debi visited me when we were in Vegas, they live in California


Posing in Times Square with mom and dad


Resting in front of the White House in Washington DC


Me and mommy pretending to be clowns at the circus


Eating at the Rainforest Cafe with my cousin Stacey


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