My Family 2002 & 2003 



Playing the Nascar racing game with Daddy


I was a ring bearer at my Uncle Chuck's wedding- just posing with my mommy


Now we are with a blue hockey player Amber


Playing with my little cousin Bobby


Hanging out with Uncle Roy, Aunt Dottie, my cousins Steve & Elizabeth


Great Grandpa & Binga Koehler at Thanksgiving


Dancing with my cousin Amber


Great Grandpa Hedrickplaying the fiddle- he is so good!


Playing men with my Aunt Kris & Jazmine



Dancing with mommy and daddy


Dancing with Uncle Chuck and Noni


Posing with the boys- Uncle Chuck, Chris & Daddy


Me and my Uncle Chuck


Daddy is helping me on my Easter egg hunt


Daddy tickling me


Sitting on a bench with my Noni & Nana in Central Park


And again with my mommy in Central Park




Playing baseball with Daddy



Swing Batter Batter Swing- I hit the ball!!!!!!


Me & daddy at Spiderman Live!


Me & my mommy at Spiderman Live!


Me & Nana at the KC Zoo


My Great Grandpa Buerky and Dorothy on their wedding day


Me & my cousin Bobby at the KC Zoo


I took Bobby to his first Royals game


Cuddlin' with Daddy & Sesame


These are our family pictures


Me & Noni on the couch


Hanging out with my cousin Dawn from California


This is my pap with his brothers and sister- Jay, Pap, Debbie, & Alex


Having a blast with my Aunt Jennie


This is my Great Uncle Wes & Aunt Judi


Cheesin with Uncle David


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