My Story


On June 7, 2001 the world was changed. I, Christian Taylor Ward was born. I was a healthy 5lbs4oz. Mommy had an emergency C-section because I was in distress, but as soon as it was over we were both fine. When mommy woke up they wheeled her down to look at me through the nursery window. I was very dark skinned with a red tint, with black hair and dark brown eyes. Mommy looked at my rosy cheeks and thought "That's not what I pictured him to look like. I thought he'd be blonde with a light complexion. WOW! He's way more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Thank you God!" The first time she held me, we both new the Lord had put us together because it felt so perfect and comfy. We had so much fun together, even in the middle of the night while daddy was asleep. She would rock me and I would coo so I could hear her giggle. When I saw how much she loved to hear it I started doing it for everyone and I haven't stopped since. I love to make people giggle.

When I was a newborn I tried to roll over but I just couldn't make it all the way. I would also try to push up when I was laying on my tummy, but I could only do that in the beginning months. My head got way too heavy, probably because I'm always learning new things. I guess I was around 4 months old and the doctor grew concerned for me. He said we should wait because some kids simply don't roll over until their 6 months old. My parents had no idea what Spinal Muscular Atrophy was when the neurologist sent me for the test at 7 months old. He tested me for other things and my parents didn't really think it was anything severe or at least that it could be fixed. Only God knew what was to come.

The neurologists office called one morning in March and asked if we could come in right away. Mommy and daddy knew that the news wasn't good if we had to go in right away. Thank God that daddy was home from work that day to go with us, because I don't think mommy would have made the hour drive home. The doctor sat us down and went over a few diseases that I tested negative for and then went on to describe SMA. Mommy said she wasn't listening because she knew I didn't have that until he said "This is probably the worst thing that he could have. He won't live to be past two years old and he'll probably die sooner than that. There is no cure and no treatment." Daddy went into shock and mommy started to cry. She tried to hold it back, but it still made me worried and I began to fuss too. Then daddy drove us home, but I could tell he was still in shock. That was a weird week for them. They both felt like they were in outer space. Mommy wasn't sleeping too good and daddy had to go to work while we all tried to adjust to the new way of life. Everyone that knew me was so sad and they all began to pray. Even people and churches I didn't know across the nation began to pray for me as they heard the news.

After looking through all kinds of stuff on the internet, Grammy, Grampy, mommy and I drove up to Johns Hopkins. There we met Dr. Crawford and he said I was stronger than we were told and that Dr. Bach would be able to help me. From there we drove to UMDNJ in New Jersey and met Dr. John Bach. We found so much hope in New Jersey that day and mommy, Grammy, and Grampy began to smile FOR REAL again.

Now, I am on Dr. Bach's protocol. I use the Cough Assist to exercise my lungs and I'm drinking a formula called Tolerex with other supplements. I can't have whole proteins, dairy or too much fat. Although, I can't turn away from Sonny's french fries. I gained a lot of strength within one month of starting the diet and I am very happy. The doctors and therapists are very pleased with my progress. We thank God that I am still alive and full of life at 17 months old. My power wheel chair will be here just before Christmas and I love driving them.

For now, I am thriving and Jesus is with me always. Jesus knows when my time will be up here and I'll go home to the other SMA angels that have gone to Heaven before me. However, I don't know when that will be and believe it or not mommy and daddy don't either (I thought they knew everything). So we take everyday and enjoy it. I get kisses and give kisses, I get love and I give love, and everyday we give thanks.