Allergies & Colds

Kenya Birkle- Aschdon also has what is called allergy shiners, he always has what looks like black eyes.  They can be light or with lots of allergies like me they can be very dark and black looking. What we do for Aschdon is he gets a Claritin ready tab every other day.  It dissolves under his tongue in no time.  We only give it to him every other day so he doesn’t get overly dried up. We not give it to him except for every three days when he has pneumonia or a really bad cold because we do not want the mucus to dry in his lungs complicating things. Most of the time now, we only give it to him when he is showing allergy symptoms, which during the winter is not too often.

Sue- The other day when we were talking about cold medicines, I forgot to mention that we have used Benadryl with Colin.  Anyway, it works really well.  When he was on bipap and had that post nasal drip and cough we'd give it to him and he'd clear up nicely.  He'd also sleep well!!!

I just gave him some for naptime today.  It seems like he's got that same post nasal drip causing him to cough.  It makes him mad!  His nose was actually dripping today.  Only the second time I've ever seen that happen to him.  His sats were about 2 points lower last night than normal.  I think his nose kept getting stuffed.  We'd take bipap off for a minute and suction but it would fill right back up!  Now that I've given him the Benadryl, his heart rate is nice and low and his sats are back to 100 percent!

Tracy- Skylar has sinus/allergy problems. We use nasal crom and that helps ALOT. Other than that we keep her her humidifier up which helps keep her nose
from being more clogged up and easier to breathe....

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