Nissen Fundoplication

Amy Barnett-As far as throwing up with a nissen you just put a syringe (60cc) and hook it up to his extension and that is how he throws up now.  It seems pretty easy.

Kenya Birkle-With Aschdon I actually vent him every few hours during the day because he gets a lot of air in there. If you think Cole is needing to throw up, then just hook up the syringe to the feeding tube like when you burp him. If he then has to vomit, it will come right out the tube into the syringe.  Aschdon had this happen about a week or two after he had the surgery was done. It scared me half to death, as I did not know what was going on. He was acting like he was gagging but it was his body trying to throw up.  That night I stayed up all night with him and vented him. It helped a lot to do that.

Corby- We contain Kaelan's mild reflux with Reglan and zantac, and he does great with them. I heard that if they do not have reflux before the g-tube, it's only a 5% chance that they will develop it afterwards. And that would mean you could do the surgery under mild sedation and the all important NO INTUBATION!! In addition, one other thing is with the NG tube Kaelanís secretions were really bad and we moved the surgery up because they were just to hard to manage. Kaelan doesn't have a Nissen fundoplication, but i can tell you that when he got his g-tube we were still very new to everything. After his surgery, we were giving him Tylenol but he was still real fussy, so the doctors suggested a very low dose of morphine. With us not really knowing about anything just yet, we said ok. Well Kaelan had a really bad night after them giving the morphine!! We found out later that morphine is a respiratory suppressant. Now i know some of the kids have gotten morphine recently and seemed OK, but i will never again give Kaelan that. He just kept desating. it was just really rough.

Tracy- Sky had the Nissen fundoplication 6 months after her g-tube and I am beyond thankful she had it done. Sky only had Tylenol and Motrin for the pain. She was extubated 10 hours after surgery. I know others that were extubated only an hour afterwards. It depends on how comfortable the kids are. As far as 2-3 days go, I don't know of any that were intubated that long. 

Laura- Sierra had the Nissen done. She was already intubated at the time. I do not think she had morphine. I believe the team in NJ uses very little meds when they do this. I had our team call them before surgery to be sure they new exactly what they used and how they did it. The extubation was a different story, it worked once I stepped in with full force and told them how it was going to happen.

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