Pulse Oximeter

Pulse ox with a back up- Here's the info:
It comes from APRIA HEALTHCARE. The company is huge; they have one like every 100 miles all across the USA so there should be one by you.
The name of the pulse ox is NELLCOR SYMPHONY
model: N-3000
s/n: 20592997
APRIA'S phone # is 1-800-346-3354

Amy Barnett- Our Pulse Ox machine is a Nelcor Purtian Bennett NP90 and it is portable (although they TELL me it isn't but of course it is), it has a built in battery and we can carry it around the house and out with us.  Our problem is the battery doesn't charge anymore so we do have to get that fixed BUT other then that I have always liked this one. 

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