Supplemental Security Income

Brandi- About the SSI.  In Oklahoma it ended up just to be too big of a pain ... and now I'm paying BACK $1800.00.  The max at the time was like $515 or $530 per month and with being self-employed my income fluctuated from month to month, which I wouldn't know until the END of the month as I only get paid from my business once per month.  By the time I report it, it was too late for the next month's SSI.  Also, my ex-husband's company takes out his child support, which counts against MY income.  Sometimes they would wait a month or two to send in the money, thus taking me OVER the minimum amount.  They seemed to really be thorough - checking EVERYTHING!  They would check my bank account at the end of the month to make sure I didn't have a lot in there.  I started a Roth IRA, which they said would count against me.  I also started investing in mutual funds, which they said also counted against me.  In my case, it got to be too big of a hassle and with Jensen only being a type III I decided that I would rather work a little more to make the money rather than spend so much time trying to gather up all of the information they required.  It took FOREVER and constant letter writing from both Jensen's neurologist and pediatrician to even get her initial muscle and nerve biopsy and blood testing done to even diagnose her, as Medicaid didn't want to pay for it.  FORTUNATELY, my husband has excellent insurance and we only have to worry about co-pays and deductibles.  PLUS, just by some coincidence, when I called the SSI people to tell them that I just didn't want to receive it anymore because my income was going up, for some strange reason Jensen's case was chosen the very next month to be audited, which involved a representative to come to our house and scan ALL receipts, check stubs, child support payments, etc., etc., etc.  They SAID it was a random draw, but I wonder.  I decided then that it was too big of a headache.  I already have to do it for the IRS and to have to repeat it all in a different aspect was just too much.  But that was just my experience in Oklahoma.  OH, also they had to review Jensen's case again (after 3 years) and her doctor had to write a note saying that Jensen was disabled, etc.  Well, they also had me fill out papers.  The part that came into question was Jensen's mobility.  Jensen's doctor said that she could not walk without assistance.  I said she could ... but only in certain situations.  It was a MESS!!!  They question everything.

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