Jessica-I went into surgery on Tuesday at 6AM. Got admitted...waited around for a while the DR's came out and told me what they were gonna do.... they said I would be on morphine for 2 days and on a ventilator, then extubated onto bipap for 3 days. They told me they would maybe have to give me a trach. SO---anyway the anesthesiologist took me away from my mom, aunt, uncle, and cousin, and brought me back to the operating room. He told me he was going to shove 4 tubes down my nose and then he would shove down a long one and I wouldnít be able to talk. He started shoving one tube down, took it out, shoved a wider one down, took it out, shoved a wider one down, took it out and then said 'this tube is the long one, and once I get it down you won't be able to talk and then I am gonna put you to sleep. So.... he shoved the long one down into my voice box - oh man - talk about annoying!!! Then he was like all 'ok Iím gonna give you some medicine' so he gave me it and I was out in 30 seconds.

When I woke up my mouth hurt way bad because a dentist pulled out some of my teeth. I was on no pain throat didn't hurt and my stomach didn't hurt. I had a bunch of cough in my lungs and the RT suctioned it out. I was on a vent for 24 hours. Dr. Swoboda came the night I had surgery and said I should leave the vent in until morning to make sure my throat airways were open. In the morning, there were about seven people there because they didnít think I would not be able to breathe. They had the bipap ready to slap on me.... the RT took the vent out.... and I just breathed. They didnít even put the bipap on. They gave me oxygen...but Iíve been on it for 6 years.  So all those 7 people waiting for me to stop breathing...just walked away when I came off the vent.  DR Swoboda got there right when I was extubated and she did a MUNE test on me...she found 17 motor neuron things...and 6 months ago she only found 10. So now, she found 17. The next day.... Thursday...I had a big cough so I used the cough machine and got most of it out.... they discharged me and I got home at about 3.... Iíve been eating pudding, jello, and potatoes and gravy...and sugar cookies and cottage cheese and hershey kisses...all my doctors were so astonished...they thought Id be half dead-but I was out of there in two days----Dr Downey said I could stay at his house in San Diego whenever I wanted.... I think Ill take him up on that! thanks for all your prayers, they definitely WORKED!!!!

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