Creatine: Crystal's experience. (December 2001)

Creatine-if you try it use it with extreme caution. I was told it may help or it may not either way it won't hurt her. During the week and a half that Crystal took it she got weaker and weaker. Since I was told that it couldn't hurt her my focus was not on the creatine, it was thinking that SMA was taking my daughter. I cried for days. I had been at peace at the news of her having SMA but by no means did I think it would go this fast. I finally called the FSMA hotline and after an in depth conversation about this and that we figured out that she started her weakening the same time she started the creatine. She told me that creatine affects different children different ways. Her 17 year old son didn't take to it either and he was old enough to tell her that "I don't think I'm going to make it today" "Mom I really feel like I'm going to die today" "I just can't do anything" Needless to say I took her off immediately and to my joy Crystal bounced back to her usual self that very next day!!! Now since then I have read that others believe if too much is given that is when it becomes harmful. That may have been Crystal's case I don't know. But I am too gun shy to try it. But if you do, watch them like a hawk for any differences in their mood or level of activity and if they show you any signs of ill effects don't rule creatine out for a possible cause. Also start out in low doses and work them up, but never give too much of it.

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