Aqua Therapy!

with Conrad de Jesus:

Crystal was quite a bit distracted with me being their taking pictures. I ended having to stop taking pictures and leaving so Conrad could have all of her attention. She just does better when I am not around.


 Conrad does many activities with Crystal in the pool. I am in search of someone who can go with me to get even better pictures with him doing the other activities. 

at home with Mom:

These pictures were taken a few days after we got this Horses troft for Crystal to practice her walking and trunk control. Since she has really made a lot of progress especially being able to be put in it now everyday. More pictures of this are coming.

She is developing quite a pose huh? She's seen her website many times and understands what the pictures are for. She can even be crying now, and when I get the camera out she stops and poses and then is fine? She is just such a joy!

I had been asking Crystal to get out for at least a half an hour. She refused. Finally I began picking up her toys. Well she walked from one end of the tub to the other with her arms level with the water so the toys would go with her trying to stop me from picking them up. Clever!

More of my horse's troft!

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