Therapy Toys!

Jacob bought this for Crystal on her 2nd birthday, in hopes that she would reach really high while playing with it.

Anthony plays with Crystal all the time.

Dad bought this one, knowing how much she loves to color.

I can ride my bus and sing songs. My babies love to ride along.

Most of the time I stand here playing with my toy food, but I decided to play hard ball with my mom. I got my way and here I am sitting.

My mom never has to ask me twice to work with my babies!

Crystal and Anthony both have an enormous amount of table play activities. They will sit here for hours going from one activity to the next. All the while Crystal's arms and shoulders just keep getting stronger and stronger.

This was a gift from my daycare coordinator. She brought it to me in the hospital, while I was there with pneumonia. She knew how bored I was.

My baby needs a nap. I use my mouth a lot to help me carry and hold things. 

I can actually use my legs to make my bike go forward and backward. I haven't always been this strong.


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