This page includes email responses concerning scoliosis from Krista Scurria.

I start with my hand under Joshua's armpit and slowly move it down his side (he's on his side on the floor) so I'm sort of pushing a few segments at a time. A TLSO is a brace that fits around their back and side and has a velcro pad around the front. It gives them support. You don't want to use it all the time though because we want them to activate those muscles too. We use it for long car rides and maybe at the end of the day if he's really slumping. 

First of all-there is NO WAY to diagnose scoliosis without an x-ray. Crystal probably does have a curvature which is very common but probably does not have rotation yet which is mandatory for scoliosis. Secondly, you do need to stretch her trunk like you stretch her legs. Stretch both sides working from the top down and with more emphasis of the side the curve curves out. Good seating is important, and so is a TLSO to use intermittently when Crystal is tired.

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