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My son is Type I SMA. He is ventilated, has a g-tube and scoliosis. He currently wears a soft support vest that is very comfortable. It velcros together for a tight fit that he can wear either over his clothes or underneath. He likes to wear it because it gives him such support that he doesn't waste energy on trying to stay upright. Instead he can concentrate at the activity he is doing like coloring, playing, or talking. We like it because it places him in the correct position for easier breathing. His lungs can expand easier with the vest on rather than when it is off. He wears it from the moment he gets up until nighttime with only limited breaks in between. He can nap in it but not overnight. The only down fall was that during the summer he got very hot at times because of it. Then we would take it off him for a short time until he cooled down.

I'm not sure if this is something you may want to look into but if it is I'd be happy to help you in any way.

When Cubby was 15 months old we realized he had scoliosis and would need extra support. We went to a local pediatric orthopedist who recommended and prescribed a soft foam vest. Because Cubby has a g-tube the soft foam can be cut out around his site so that he can be fed in it. The vest gives him great support for sitting in his wheelchair, stroller, on the couch or car seat. For lack of a better term, Cubby would be "flopping" side to side without it. We also use it when he sits in his corner chair to do art work or when he is at the computer.

In order to purchase the vest, we went to a local pediatric orthotic company. They measured Cubby and ordered him the vest which came within two weeks. Luckily insurance covered all expenses.

Because Cubby is so well supported in his trunk, he doesn't have to work at keeping himself balanced. Therefore he is able to concentrate on moving his arms and legs as best he can.

The vest at times can be warm for Cubby. Because the vest is soft foam, vent holes can be cut into the vest without compromising the support structure. There are metal supports in the vest to keep it rigid yet at the same time flexible.

As Cubby's scoliosis progresses we may have to look for better options especially as he grows, but for now this vest has worked wonders for him.

I hope this helps.

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