Practical Gems of Wisdom!

There is no "right" way to do things. If everything must be organized, improvised, or tailor-made to meet your child's needs, that's okay. This can give her the freedom to learn and use skills in her own unique way.

It's essential that you become an advocate. Learn to meet teachers, doctors, administrators, therapists, and other professionals eye to eye and toe to toe.

Not everyone will accept your child. No matter how much education or exposure they have, some people simply will not accept your child. But the positive side is that most people will find his innocent love refreshing and will respond with open arms.

Take time for yourself. To be an expert on your child, you have to keep yourself healthy. Take small breaks like lunch with a friend, a weekly Bible Study, and even an occasional weekend away from home doing something you really enjoy.

You will never be perfect. There will always be a parent who seems to have things together just a little better than you do. Comparing yourself to others is defeating. We will all make mistakes! Learn to accept your limitations and do your best.

Learn to laugh. When life gets too serious and responsibilities get too heavy, look for something to laugh about. There's a healing balm in laughter, and you can always find something humorous if you really look for it. Rent a funny video or listen to a tape of a humorous speaker.

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