Crystal: April 22, 2002.

Crystal had been having some problems with her new supplement (creatine) and what I was about to witness today just totally caught me off guard. She was taken off creatine on Friday April the 19th and she regained most of her strength. She was still not up to par with her head control yet, but her walking and standing showed great improvement. Also, she again showed excitement being in her horse's troft and played the usual length of time without any problems.

Mondays, Crystal goes to the Lloyd Pool for aqua therapy with Conrad de Jesus. It was a slow Monday morning and we were running about 10 minutes late. I was scared that Conrad would leave so I know I spent 5 minutes trying to find a pay phone that works. I gave up and went on to the pool, and caught Conrad just as he was pulling out. He parked and went back inside to play with Crystal. I updated him on the supplement and discussed the improvements I had seen her make over the weekend and asked him to evaluate her again to determine how he thought she was doing.

I was kicked out of his therapy sessions a long time ago, because I just distract Crystal so much, so I left as usual. But I had other business to discuss with the pool's manager. When I was done, Crystal and Conrad had 10 more minutes to go and I tried to sneak back in, hoping I could take a peak at what they were doing. To my surprise, Crystal caught me right away, but then returned to her therapy. She was working real hard today. I saw her constantly walking around the pool. She was staying so busy. Conrad began filling me in on what she has been doing today and as we talked Crystal just kept right on walking and playing. He said that she was doing a real good job maintaining her own balance and catching herself when she almost falls. He also said that she has been more confident and going into deeper waters, again practicing some good balancing controls.

But I didn't expect to see...

Once, she laid back and Conrad placed his hand behind her head and tried to assist her in the back float. She was willing for only a moment and then began fitting so she could get up. But he claimed that she was getting really confident on her back as well. I thought well maybe since I was there she was giving him a hard time, because I hold the back of her head at home as well and she absolutely loves it. She will kick her feet and twist and turn her body like she feels so free and light.

She then continued walking and participating in her activities that he had worked so hard to encourage and teach her to do. Conrad and I continued our conversation. She was just so playful that day. It was almost like she was in her own little world out to complete a mission. Well, at one moment I wasn't paying so much attention to her, and Conrad had to tell me, "Look at Crystal." I looked down at her and one of my biggest goals for her was right there before my eyes...

There she was floating on her back with Conrad about 1 foot away from her. She was doing it all by herself!!!! I was so proud and happy that I was singing for the rest of the day. People at school asked me why I was glowing and suggested that I had found a man. Nope. Even better. My daughter did the back float all by herself today. She maintained that position for about 30 seconds and then began to loose her balance and Conrad had to assist her at that point.

I thought and hoped soon after she began aqua therapy that she would be able to float on her back, because then she may be able to participate in such activities as swimming backwards which would be so good to help keep her alive.

Crystal is really starting to bloom. She has such a strong will, that I feel comfortable only holding on to her a little now. I believe that she can gain even more independence and we will continue to be aggressive with her care plan. (avoiding fatigue of course)

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