My Hospital Stay...

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Mommy Resting in my Intensive Care Unit.  They don't allow beds so this chair is as comfy as you can get!


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This is me with all my medical stuff.  My mom and dad know what all it does...and wish they don't.  Even so I was pretty comfy because people were always playing with me and reading me books and moving me around.

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This is me playing with my grandma and grandpa.  They love me very much!!


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Here I am waving to grandma and grandpa.  I LOVED to wave and say hi to everybody. It is one of my favorite games!!


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Here I am the night before I passed away.  See, I'm smiling at my mommy around the tube.

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This is the last photo taken of me.  Somehow my mommy knew she needed to take these pictures on this day.  I'm waving again; maybe waving goodby to my mom.


Devon's Gravestone

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Do not end here.  Go back, look at the other photos of his life, and remember the 13 great months we all had with him.

I added these photos for one main reason.  

I want to show you Devon's indomitable spirit.  He was hooked up to every machine known to man, yet continued to smile and wave and be perfectly content even to the day he died.  He rarely got fussy and he was always patient, even smiling at the Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and Doctors who came in to visit him.  He was a favorite on the ICU floor and when he died, every doctor, nurse, and therapist was crying along with us.  Devon's last breaths were on my shoulder, looking at his father; still content and at peace.  He was as close to a perfect child as I think I will ever see on this earth.  He truly was our angel.

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