My mom and dad met when he hired her as a flight instructor for his flight school.  They became friends immediately, and married two years later.  My dad graduated from IU University (with a degree in Accounting) while my mom graduated from Purdue University (with a degree in Aviation and Business Administration) so for those of you from Indiana, you can imagine the rivalry runs strong!

Both my mom and dad are pilots, and enjoy what they do.  They own and operate a flight school in Indiana, and my mom also flies for Pizza Hut.  They also both do work in computers-they own a small computer company where mom does website design, and dad does phone and computer networking, wiring, website hosting, computer repair, and so on.  My parents founded and run SMA Support Inc., a non-profit organization they set up to try to help other families going through SMA too.

My mom enjoys reading (everything!), movies, motorcycle riding, flying, spending time with my dad and sister, and doing computer work among other things.

My dad enjoys camping, hiking, canoeing, motorcycle riding, flying, spending time with my mom and sister, and ordering (everything!) on-line.

Both mom and dad's favorite past time was cuddling and playing with me!

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Steve and Laura are my mom and dad.  They make a cute couple, don't you think? 
These were taken on their wedding day, 5-24-96

A few of the Professional Shots



Photos taken by family/friends

Do I look okay?



Picture Time outside the chalet!


Dancing and having fun


Let's Dance...



In the car on our way around the mountain honking the horn!


And here we all are at Christmas 1998:   


This is my mom and dad at Christmas 99-I'm watching them from heaven:


Here is my mom, dad, and baby sister Kaylee at Christmas 2001... 

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