Elizabeths Make-A-Wish Trip
Page 4


Waving at the green Power Ranger

Meeting JoJo at the parade

Kisses from JoJo

Bear in the Big Blue House is riding in a little pink car

Hi Mickey & Minnie

Disney IS magical

Hello again JoJo

JoJo brought her friend, Goliath, to meet Elizabeth

Goliath and JoJo are funny

Meeting June and Quincy from Little Einstein

Elizabeth telling June how she likes to dance with her tummy and wiggle

Quincy tickling Elizabeth

Posing with Aunt Rita and June & Quincy

Flirting with Ron Stoppable

Meeting Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable


Oh Mickey!

Pocahontas and Cruella DeVil

Minnie and Goofy are great

"Everyone likes to tickle me, but that is ok by me"

"My goodness, Minnie, you're taller than I expected!"

Posing with Minnie and Goofy


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