Elizabeth's Videos!

Lizzy and her golf clubs

Trip To CCK '09

Painting on the Wall

Blowing my Whistle

Swimming on my Belly

Lizzy Stretching

Sitting up Tonight

Swinging & Singing

Crazy Counselor, Nate

Lizzy Playing the Guitar with Ben

SMA Gathering at Faith's Lodge II

SMA Gathering at Faith's Lodge

Lizzy at the Letters Carriers Conference

Lizzy Touring Down Town

Lizzy Driving her Purple Power Chair

More of Lizzy in Water Therapy

Lizzy being Lizzy

Lizzy at Water Therapy April

Lizzy Driving Outside

Water Therapy part 2

Lizzy at water therapy today

Lizzy Singing to Hannah

Get Better I Love You

Lizzy Brushing her Teeth

Merry Christmas 2007

Lizzy Playing

Lizzy Reading Fancy Nancy

Elizabeth Singing in the Tub

Elizabeth Counting